Our financial services

Assurance Vic provides a complete suite of financial advice, as follows:



We look at opportunities to structure investments and utilise strategies as a way of minimising your tax liabilities in legal and compliant manner to maximise your earning potential.

Investment Advice


Choosing investments and investment structures that will enable your funds to meet your specific needs, whether it be long term growth or income generation to meet your day to day needs, we will look at the most suitable product to your personal situation.

Retirement Planning


Providing personalised advice enabling you to transition to retirement or structure your funds to meet your retirement ambitions. We aim to structure your funds to maximise opportunities to obtain Social security benefits, while also minimising your overall tax liabilities. Our review service aims to ensure you stay one step ahead, to meet changes in market conditions or legislation changes which may erode the longevity of your funds in retirement.

Personal Insurance


Research all approved and your existing insurance policies for specific suitability, tax effectiveness and cost efficiency to match your personal situation and protect you and your family’s in event of crisis. The ability to cover debts and provide funds for the family or any health related expenses that may arise is a protection mechanism all young familes should consider.



Assisting in the establishment or closure of SMSF and the investment in SMSF including guidance around the rules for property investments and Limited Recourse Borrowing (LRBA) inside of the SMSF system and the choice of insurance covers through SMSF structures.

Estate Planning


Helping you to establish structures and  plan for the distribution of funds in the event of death. Establishing structures that ensure funds are left in accordance with your wishes, but also mitigating any potential for tax erosion where possible.

Social Security (Centrelink & DVA)


Looking at your asset and income position to determine eligibility or the ability to strategically structure your assets and income to enhance eligibility to social security entitlements ranging form NewStart to Centrelink Age Pension and DVA Service Pensions as well as all government concession cards.

Budgeting/Cashflow Management


Assisting you to determine and quantify your living expenses and looking at opportunities to maximise your cashflow position and potentially investment opportunities to maximise your wealth over time..

Gearing & Debt Management


Providing advice on ways to structure your debt, to assist your cash flow position and utilising debt where appropriate to enhance your taxation and investment growth opportunities or reduce your overall interest costs to save funds over the long term enhancing your long term asset position.



Assisting with the investment and product choice (where appropriate or requested) along with strategies both pre and post retirement to enhance your retirement and fund longevity position.

Defined Benefit Superannuation


With over 15 years of experience working with the ESSSuper fund and with CSS super, I provide a unique understanding of these funds and the opportunities to maximise their benefit to individuals. A wide range of DB funds all work very differently and the opportunities with one fund or one member may be completely different to the next. The knowledge on how best to build the fund or when to look at other opportunities upon “Maxing out” only comes from dealing with these funds day in day out for many many years.

Redundancy/Early Retirement


Should you be made redundant or forced into retirement through other means such as ill health, our role is to formulate strategies to maximise the benefit payments while looking to reduce your overall tax costs. We also take into consideration the need to retain accessibility and regular cashflow in our decision making process.