Financial clarity with strategic and tax-smart investment solutions

Assurance Vic Advisory Service is a pure Fee for Service financial planning company that aims to provide clientele with the best possible solutions to meet your goals and objectives, using products and strategies that align to your comfort levels.

By getting to know our clients through our detailed fact finding meetings, we can formulate plans that align to your risk comfort levels, while aiming to achieve the desired outcomes. We utilise strategic knowledge to maximise your position by minimising tax, maximising social security and choosing products that are in your best interest.

Our Ethos

I created Assurance Vic having worked in financial planning within the industry super fund sector and seeing it become more fee focussed and operating more like the much maligned retail sector banks. This didn’t sit well with me and the change of terminology from not for profit to profit for member probably tells a story?

Looking at the private sector, it still seems many are largely operating on commissions or as they often now call fee for service, however the fee is still based as a percentage of the balance. (Sounds like a commission to me).

I decided the only way to work for a practice that I felt truly reflected my own personal morals and ethics of a true fee for service organisation was to start my own.

Operating on a pure fee for service, we bill at an hourly rate and quote you the fee or a fee range up front, after the initial no obligation first meeting. We pride ourselves on only recommending a financial plan be written where we believe we can provide a geniuine financial benefit to you, using clear and concise recommendations that outline what the benefit is and why it is applicable to you.

Unfortunately in my experience I see many advisors that charge for pure template information that doesn’t outline the rationale of a recommendation or the potential risks involved, making it hard for a client to determine if it is truly a good or bad recommendation. Additional information or plans with no advice, but generic slabs of templated information are often pedalled out when there is little substance to how it benefits you.

My licence allows me to recommend all highly rated super funds, so whether you wish to stay in a Government fund, look at other low cost high performing industry funds or even if you decide to set up a Self-Managed Super Fund, I am able to assist and provide advice on any of these aspects. I am not aligned to any product provider, and the conflicts of interest that were so prevalent in the Royal Commission and are the risk of product providing financial planners do not apply to me. If you have a preferred fund, I will work with you using that fund, or if you wish to look at other options, I will go through a full suite of both industry and retail funds to come up with the best solution for you.

David Goodwin

Senior Financial Planner

Why us



  • David has over 20 years’ of experience in the Financial industry with over 17 years’ experience in Financial Planning.
  • David has over 15 years of experience having worked with Victorian Government Defined Benefit funds, having helped establish and manage the Financial Planning team at ESSS and also has extensive experience working with Com Super and PSS Super members.
  • David has a Bachelor of Business Degree in Financial Planning  and has also completed the SMSF Associations arduous accreditation process.
  • David and Assurance Vic are both registered with the Tax Practioners Board and David is a member of Financial Planning Association.

Personal Approach


  • Our approach to addressing your unique needs ensures that solutions make sense for your individual situation.
  • Financial Planning means different things to different people, what the goals and objectives will be for one person may be fundamentally different to the next. At Assurance Vic Advisory Service Pty Ltd, our aim is to fully understand you. What you seek, what your goals and objectives are, what investment structures are you comfortable to use, how do we get you the outcomes that you seek and what approach best aligns to you personally.
  • Our initial Fact find meeting is designed to get an in depth understanding of your current financial and personal situation with a view to looking at opportunities to maximise and improve your position with a means to meeting your personal goals and objectives.